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TJ’s for the win

I really need to get to Trader Joe’s more often, they got some great treats! Problem is its a good 30 minute drive from where I live and is always so crowded…with some real oddballs.

I made the trek today though and LOOK!!!


Obviously I’ll be making prosciutto wrapped, goat cheese stuffed dates tomorrow. But the real story here:

  1. A grinder filled with sugar, chocolate, and coffee beans. You know, so I can put chocoffeesugar on my toast and ice cream and stuff. Like, what?! How is this not on the news and all websites? This could probably help with that whole world peace thing!
  2. Chocolate cheddar cheese. See my notes on #1! Why am I just learning about this???

This is what I like to call a damn successful shopping trip. It’s one of those shopping trips where you get home and have to eat all the things. I feel like a pig, but that’s ok. Things will always be ok now.