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Just in time for the first forecast of snow, finished woollies!

The shawl has been lingering on the needles for a year now. It was the first shipment of the AVFKW Pro-Verbial club, Blue Whale shawl by Stephen West, AVFKW indigo dyed Luster yarn (75% BFL wool, 25% tussah silk). I didn’t love it during knitting, hence the long stall, but love it now that it’s been blocked. The texture of the pattern is great and the yarn gives it a nice drape. It’ll be a nice addition to the winter accessory pile.

This isn’t the first appearance of these socks here, I may be slightly obsessed 😉
The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Sock purchased at Windsor Button. One skein was more than enough and surprisingly resulted in perfectly matching socks. For a singles yarn it feels like it will hold up fine, it’s tough stuff. I have another skein of this, matching gloves may be in order.

Bonus – the obligatory modeled shot



It’s getting cold out and the wool is comforting me through the loss of summer. I finished up two knitting projects this week, both soaking an blocking tonight, and wasn’t in a spinning mood so I decided to prep some fiber for a project I have in mind.

My talented friend, Erica, was sporting her amazing Stripe Study shawl (pattern) at Rhinebeck a few weekends ago and inspired me to do the same with a recent club five from Hello Yarn. The first step of the project was to separate the fiber into staple length bits grouped by color and to hand card those into many, many rolags. Next, I’ll spin this into a singles yarn that slowly fades from one color to the next. It’s the perfect technique for this shawl.


It’s a miracle! Almost 4 months later and I finally have my bedroom back. I discovered a leak early in the summer which slowly caused a lot of ceiling and wall damage. Countless 7am random, unannounced visits by maintenance followed, but very little action. The leak was fixed more than a month ago but still no repairs to my ceiling and walls. It’s so nice to have curtains back up and a halfway decent looking bedroom!

Ignore the wrinkled curtains, they’ve been folded and put away for months now.


Pretty lazy Sunday. I slept in late and dragged myself down to Marshfield to visit my mom. My brother, sister in law, and nephew were there too, and I found out they’re expecting another baby, due in June. It’ll be fun to have another baby in the family and to see JJ as a big brother. He showed me how he hockey fights, complete with tossing his gloves off, cracks me up! It was good to spend some time with them, it’s been a while.

Here’s my mom and brother doing some more post-hurricane cleanup.


Busy weekend so far, but managed to squeeze in some knitting and finally finish the Noro socks. They came out great, fit perfectly, and are exact matches (totally unplanned and unexpected). Also got some baking done (lemon berry crumble bars, so good and easy), cleaned the apartment, and got to spend some time tonight with old co-workers from State Street.

Now I need to find something to knit for my mom’s birthday, off to search!

Socks soaking in suds…


I was able to escape work for lunch today and took a little walk. Walking by the Paramount theater always gives me a good chuckle /the creeps. My mom and aunt have a story here from when they were in high school. At least I think it was here, I’ll have to double check, but I’m pretty sure. Im fuzzy on the details of the story, but it involved a leg under their chair (NOT attached to a body), a creepy man, and possibly being followed home. Ah the good old days. It hasn’t really come all that far since!


Back to work today, thankful tomorrow is Friday 😉

Still not feeling 100% and tonight was one of those crowded red line nights. The first Braintree train was too packed to get on and downtown crossing was full of all the wrong kinds of people and so hot, so I hopped on the next Ashmont train. I do this often when I just want to get the hell out of the city. At least then I can switch at JFK which is outdoors, cooler, less smelly, and less crowded.