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I was able to escape work for lunch today and took a little walk. Walking by the Paramount theater always gives me a good chuckle /the creeps. My mom and aunt have a story here from when they were in high school. At least I think it was here, I’ll have to double check, but I’m pretty sure. Im fuzzy on the details of the story, but it involved a leg under their chair (NOT attached to a body), a creepy man, and possibly being followed home. Ah the good old days. It hasn’t really come all that far since!



Back to work today, thankful tomorrow is Friday 😉

Still not feeling 100% and tonight was one of those crowded red line nights. The first Braintree train was too packed to get on and downtown crossing was full of all the wrong kinds of people and so hot, so I hopped on the next Ashmont train. I do this often when I just want to get the hell out of the city. At least then I can switch at JFK which is outdoors, cooler, less smelly, and less crowded.


This time tomorrow I should be in the car headed out to Rhinebeck! The weather is looking iffy, and is downright miserable today. Let’s hope things clear up for the weekend. Right now I’m longing for my snuggie, knitting, and judge Judy.


Lunch today called for a walk downtown to 1) enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and 2) get out of work and decompress before my head exploded from overexposure to stupidity. One of my favorite things about downtown are all the big, fancy lights on the buildings. They’re like indoor sconces on steroids, and they are amazing! These ones are on International Place near my old office.


Work has been crazy for quite a while now and weekends have mostly been spent being lazy, recovering. Today I decided I needed to get out and enjoy the freak warm weather. Downtown was my destination, I wanted to aimlessly wander, take pictures, and be out with the humans.

I started at broadway in southie, headed over to the south end, mistakenly walked through the Prudential and Copley, down to the Charles river, along the esplanade, through beacon hill, ending at the common. I’m beat now, but reminded why I love this city so much and realizing I need to take more time for myself.

Train yard

And a bonus just because I love it 😉

Back bay roofs