Today was the drive home from New York, had to say goodbye to too many friends. I comforted myself by spinning up some of my fantastic Rhinebeck purchases. Here I am spinning some great wool/mohair roving from Fantom Farms.



Rhinebeck! Saturday was spent at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds for the New York Sheep & Wool festival, my 4th year now and it gets better every year. I saw so many good friends, met a few new people, and fondled a shit ton of fantastic fiber and yarn.

Here’s Stacie and Elizabeth getting snuggly, David being famous in the background, and Amy making a fantastic face. I’m already looking forward to next year!


Catching up on posts after an excellent Rhinebeck weekend. This year I took the Friday off and headed out early to get in as much fun as possible. Heather was a saint and coordinated getting the house for the weekend, and a great house it was! Much fun was had, many laughs were literally chortled, and it was truly a wonderful weekend I wish we could replicate more often. I love each and every member of our fibery wolf pack!

Here’s the wonderful view we enjoyed all weekend.


This time tomorrow I should be in the car headed out to Rhinebeck! The weather is looking iffy, and is downright miserable today. Let’s hope things clear up for the weekend. Right now I’m longing for my snuggie, knitting, and judge Judy.


It’s that time of year! The temperature is starting to fall, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are starting to change. This can only mean one thing to us knitters and spinners…Rhinebeck! For those of you not in the know, Rhinebeck is the location of one of the country’s largest sheep & wool festivals, the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival to be exact.

Nestled between the Berkshires and the Catskills, it is the perfect location for an amazing fall festival. There’s wool, yarn, beer, wine, cheese, artichokes, fried stuff, quality people watching, great friends, and loads of fun and laughter to be had. I’m working tomorrow and leaving early Friday, so figured I’d better get down to business and start picking out what hand knits to bring along! On a sour note, this process has made me aware that my seasick socks are missing…the hunt is on.


Lunch today called for a walk downtown to 1) enjoy the beautiful fall weather, and 2) get out of work and decompress before my head exploded from overexposure to stupidity. One of my favorite things about downtown are all the big, fancy lights on the buildings. They’re like indoor sconces on steroids, and they are amazing! These ones are on International Place near my old office.


Today was a long day at work after a short night of sleep. Got locked out of my apartment last night at 11pm, waited over an hour for a locksmith, and had to pay $200. All I had time or patience to photograph today was my Noro sock in progress. It’s the only thing making me smile today!