Crawling out from under life

It’s been a busy few months, obviously the Project 365 crashed and burned.  It did however continue longer than blogging about it did.  The entire set can be seen here.

Knitting has been happening despite the crazy work and life schedule.  Still in progress but so close to finished I can taste it are both the Stripe Study shawl and Huron sweater (which is so close to being finished I should be spanked that it isn’t).

Stripe Study progress

Huron - almost done!

An actual finished project, the Color Affection shawl made from a kit from The Plucky Knitter, my favorite thing in the world at the moment.  I loved this pattern and yarn so much that I’ve already cast on for another.  Seriously, everyone needs one of these!  Of course now that it’s done, it’s too warm out to wear it…in New England in January?

Nifty Neutrals Color Affection


One response

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, but this is something else altogether. This is love. Short rows, funky stripes and style. Love, love, love it! I can picture it in such fabulous color combinations. It is sure to be my newest obsession! You did beautiful work on this shawl. If we only had winter. “sigh”

    February 14, 2012 at 11:16 pm

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