A finished object!

I’ve actually got a completed knitting project to show off! I’m excited cuz those are pretty rare for me, especially with handspun 😉

This was a basic 2×2 rib hat from David’s gorgeous “Fields of Gold” in Merino. This thing is SO soft and warm and I am in absolute love with the colors and striping. I split the top vertically into I think 5 strips so I knew the color repeats would be pretty short.

Fields of Gold hat

Here’s a picture of the yarn:
Fields of Gold

And the original fiber:
"Fields of Gold"

One of my favorite spindles, Greensleeves Lady Barbara, is currently being used to spin up another gorgeous creation from David. We recently did a batt swap and he sent me these amazing batts of 50% Polwarth wool / 25% Silk / 25% New Zealand Possum. Those of you that aren’t aware, the New Zealand Possum is a totally different create than the US Opossum. Their fur is unbelievably soft. This blend is SO nice to spin!

Poop On Me


One response

  1. jeannettestgermain

    Beautiful colors! Look at my blog, I’m showing what I wear (knitted) lately as a remedy for the winter time when I’m painting – keep warm, Jeannette!

    January 21, 2009 at 10:34 pm

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