Long time gone…

For two months now, I have been the world’s worst blogger. Ok, maybe not the worst, but if my blog were a baby, it’d be in the protective custody of DSS. Where the past two months have gone, I have no idea. I was working hard trying to finish my bachelor’s degree and am happy to report that I am finally done, 13 years after the quest began. My last class ended on 12/11/08 with a 30 page paper due, and as is always the case, I worked that f’er right up to the last minute. But I am psyched to be finished and am ready to start looking for a better paying job.

Besides that, I actually haven’t been somewhat productive with the spinning…here’s a quick recap of some of the spinning successes:

"Gannet" Shetland
"Rte 66" CorriePaca
"Lame Duck Mallard" Superwash BFL
Fields of Gold

Top to bottom is 1) Shetland in “Gannet” from Hello Yarn, 2) Corriedale/Alpaca in “Rte 66” from Spunky Eclectic, 3) Superwash BFL in “Lame Duck Mallard” from Spunky Eclectic club, 4) Finn in “Buckland” from Hello Yarn club and 5) Australian Merino in “Fields of Gold” from Come In Spinner. See my Flickr set for more details on each.

Last month, I also became the proud new papa of a Louet full size fine cloth drum carder thanks to Amy’s Black Friday sale at Spunky Eclectic. I got to drive up to Lisbon, ME to pick it up and was able to spend a good chunk of the day hanging out in the shop. Lots of fun! I’ve been having a great time with the carder making all sorts of fun batts. Here’s a couple…

Tundra Luxury Batts
“Tundra” – Corriedale/Alpaca/SeaCell

"Pistachio" Luxury Batts
“Pistachio” – Corriedale/Alpaca/sparkle

Insect Wings Batts
“Insect Wings” – BFL/sparkle

Finally, on the knitting front, I sadly only have a couple things to report as finished…that area has been lacking.

I knit a cowl out of the Buckland handspun…
Crofter's Cowl

I FINALLY finished my mom’s Anemoi Mittens just in time for her birthday…
Anemoi Mittens

And I designed my very own mittens 🙂 These were a Christmas present for my sister-in-law and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. The yarn in Noro Silver Thaw and is absolutely gorgeous.
Spiral Mitts

I very much plan to be a better blogger now that school is out and the holidays are over!! See you soon!


One response

  1. The Lame Duck Mallard skein is my total favorite. And the Pistachio batt is making me drool! I have a serious weakness for greens. I hope all of the knitted finery was well appreciated — each of them looks like a real winner!

    January 7, 2009 at 4:00 am

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