Spunky club June 2008

The Spunky Club June 2008 fiber arrived Friday afternoon and is (as always) beeeeyoooootiful! It’s a Merino/Mohair blend, one of my favorites in the colorway “Flowering Weeds”.

"Flowering Weeds"

"Flowering Weeds"

Because it’s a blend, there are only 3 ounces so I’m kicking myself for not getting the double dose. I have a bunch of undyed Merino/Mohair (same blend) at home so I could try to recreate the colorway and get more yardage. Or I may try spinning it with the undyed fiber as is. Or I may try spinning it with some other fiber I’ve got (I’m thinking the Corriedale/Alpaca mix I have in Spunky’s Monkey Farts colorway. Many options, lots to think about…

In the meantime, last night I began spinning the “Blowjob Shot” Merino/Mohair I had dyed up a week or so ago. All I have to say is YUMMMM! The blend is amazing and the colors are just SO ME. I am absolutely, positively in love. So much so that I took the one I had put up for sale in my Etsy shop off so I could have all 8oz to myself. I’m so selfish!

Blowjob Shot


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