Hemlock Ring blanket – done!

Alright, it took me a lot longer than I said it would but it is finally done. I was hoping to get it all finished up a week ago but it had been ridiculously hot here and knitting was just too painful! Especially with Eco Wool. I love the stuff but it’s itchy and hot when it’s 90+ degrees out!

I was able to block it today, but it’s in the basement (that was the only place I had enough room to do it), so it’s going to take a bit to dry. Here are the pics of it blocked, I’ll get some better ones as soon as it’s dry.

Hemlock Ring - Blocking

Hemlock Ring - Blocking

I was also very productive getting stuff dyed this weekend. I got a total of 1lb Merino/Mohair, 1lb Rambouillet, and 1lb Wensleydale all dyed and dried.

Top two are Rambouillet in “Bengal” and “Ape Sh#t”
Bottom two are Wensleydale in “Humpback” and “Twilight Storm”

Dyeing 6/22/08

And these…

Both are 70% Merino / 30% Mohair blend…in “Creme Brulee” and “Mai Tai”

6/21/08 Dyeing


One response

  1. Eldronius

    You did a wonderful job on that hemlock blanket. The blocking looks perfect. I knitted the doily of it at the same time as Brooklyntweed was doing the blanket (I saw his beginning post of it and thought, “hey! I am knitting the same thing!”), but I digress…I wish I was as well at blocking as you did.

    And I love the colors of all your fibers.

    August 6, 2008 at 6:11 am

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