A day of dyeing

What a friggen’ amazing weekend it has been! I was stuck inside most of Saturday and Sunday working at The Stitch House in Dorchester, but today it was time to enjoy a day off and some very nice sunshine!

I figured I’d get out there and dye some of the wool I have sitting around to put up on my Etsy shop. Dyeing outside is nice cuz I don’t have to worry about spills or getting dye powder anywhere or the smell of the vinegar all up in the house. It does have its drawbacks though. Today was SO windy…and it’s pollen season. Between trying to keep the cling wrap from blowing around into a big old mess and trying to keep the pollen off the wool and out of the dye cups, things got pretty frustrating! So I only got one pound of superwash merino dyed up.

I did one new colorway (top) and one I’ve already done before (“Riverbank” on the bottom). Actually the new colorway, which I’m calling “Ocean Storm”, is the same recipe as the “Blue Steel” I dyed up a little while back, only the black stayed in the wool this time. Sadly, I think I liked “Blue Steel” better, but this one is pretty dang nice too.

5/26/08 Dyeing


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