Yarn Harlot cracks me up

Oh man, I found this on YouTube and had to post it here. It is too funny.

The funniest part is that a friend’s sister stumbled onto my stash this past weekend and I think she is still in shock…and slightly scared of me now. The problem with my stash is that it is everywhere…in my bedroom, living room, backseat of the car, trunk of the car…you name it, there’s yarn there! I could have used one of her responses!!

Speaking of stash, here’s some handspun I’ve had done for a while but hadn’t been able to get a picture of because it was stolen from me as soon as it came off the Niddy Noddy! I posted a picture of the roving a while back but here it is again…


And the finished yarn…around heavy worsted weight and VERY fluffy!

"Deep Sea" Merino Handspun

"Deep Sea" Merino Handspun


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