Some Knitting Progress

It seems most of my time the past couple months has been spent on spinning and dyeing endeavors but there has been some knitting going on. Not a ton though.

I’ve been working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket a la brooklyntweed, in a nice gray color of Cascade Eco Wool. I’m now on round 60, right where it really starts to get tedious so I just gotta forge ahead! The rounds are getting long and there’s no new pattern from here on. But it is a beautiful blanket so I’d really like it done before next fall!

Hemlock Ring Blanket

I also had a bunch of Noro Silk Garden lying around in a great, masculine colorway of black, blues, and greens so I’ve been looking for a nice masculine stitch to use for a scarf I would actually wear. I found the Rosary Stitch in “Super Stitches Knitting” and so far it looks great! Although, it’s a tough stitch to picture, especially in this dark color, but here’s my miniscule amount of progress…

Rosary Stitch Scarf

Today included many fiber related activities. In a true display of A.D.D., I knit a bit, spun a bit, combed some fleece, watched tv, and repeated…twice. I don’t know why I can’t just sit and do one thing for a substantial amount of time. But on a positive note, using the following videos (thanks to David’s tip), I got the hang of combing using my new hand combs and got a good amount of border leicester fleece and some alpaca fleece combed. It was great!

Using Hand Combs part 1
Using Hand Combs part 2
Using Hand Combs part 3


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