"Blue Steel" was a hit!

I put the 4-4oz. braids of “Blue Steel” Rambouillet roving up for sale in my Etsy shop on Monday night (4/12) and they were all gone by noon on Tuesday (4/13). WOWSA! I guess I will have to dye more in that colorway! I just ordered 1lb of BFL and 1lb of Superwash Merino from Hello Yarn so I’ll be dyeing that up when it comes, probably 1/2 in “Blue Steel” and the other half in something else new and fun…I gotta think. I also have 12oz. of Superwash Colonial and 8oz. of BFL sitting at home waiting to be dyed. Lots of dyeing to do!

Anyone have any color combinations they really love and would like to see??? Let me know!!!

Thanks to everyone who purchased stuff from my shop! I was just starting to think maybe Etsy selling wasn’t for me, I had only sold one thing since I opened in the beginning of March. I’m guessing the IRS Rebate checks had something to do with the surge 😉

On a separate note, my batts from Batt Out of Hell arrived yesterday and are even more fantastic in person than in pictures! And oh so soft. I’ve never spun from batts before so I’m using this little tutorial from Spunky Eclectic. So far, it’s going so-so. When drafting from the rolags, the fiber doesn’t really seem to be drafting well…it’s getting kind of tangled. I think maybe I’m making the rolags too tight, I don’t know. The singles are looking good though so I guess I shouldn’t worry. I’ll get a picture up tonight.


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  1. david santos

    Hello, John!
    I loved this post and this blog.
    Have a nice day.

    May 14, 2008 at 7:58 am

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