Beware the shopaholic

Finding Etsy has been one of the best and worst things to ever happen to me. I have a serious problem on there, buying way too much stuff, and justify it by saying that at least the money is going to small businesses or individuals who really appreciate their craft and buying homemade rather than mass marketed crap.

On that note, here are my most recent splurges…

First is 2 – 2oz. batts of Corriedale and superwash Merino in a rockin’ retro colorway named “1976”. Erin of Batt Out of Hell is responsible for this fiber marvel and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Fingers and toes are crossed that it shows up on my desk today!

1976 Batt Mosaic

Next is a drop spindle that Mary of Butterfly Girl Designs made specially for me out of a Dalmation Jasper stone. It weighs about 1.6oz and was made to match a lightweight spindle I already have from her that weighs about 0.6oz. Mary was SO accomodating in getting this done and I really appreciate it! Her work is amazing!! Everyone should check out her spindles…I have a hard time not buying one of everything she has!




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