People are learning from me?!

This fantastically cool knitting/sewing store opened up in Dorchester near my work last fall so i of course had to go check it out. It is the Stitch House, owned by Annissa Essaibi George, and it’s definitely got something going on that other stores in the area don’t have. I don’t have anything against the other local yarn stores, I frequent them all quite a bit, but the Stitch House has a younger, hipper kinda feel to it. Often times, as a male knitter, walking into some of the other local places is a tad awkward. I tend to get some strange looks from the older ladies shopping and often don’t get paid too much attention to. That is fine, I tend to prefer being left alone when I’m shopping, but I’ve always felt a little more welcome at the Stitch House.

Anyways, after my first trip there, I decided to contact Annissa to see if she needed any help because it seemed like it’d be a fun place to work…not to mention the thrill of being surrounded by yarn and getting paid for it 😉 I work full time though so it’s been tough finding a time that she needs me. I met up with her though and she asked if I’d be interested in teaching a Men’s Knitting class at the store. At first, the thought was fairly intimidating. I’ve never taken a knitting class myself and wouldn’t really consider myself an expert of any sorts. Maybe it was the high of being around all that yarn, I don’t know, but I agreed.

So for the past 3 weeks I’ve been teaching 4 men (one of whom is Annissa’s husband…pressure!) how to knit. At first I thought 4 was a nice, small class. I quickly realized more than 4 would be suicide! The class is 2 hours every Tuesday night for 4 weeks, and I leave there EXHAUSTED every week!! But they are doing very well so far, I’m surprised how quickly some of them picked it up. One has even gotten bored with the scarf we were working on so he’s moved on to a hat…pretty impressive. I’m not really sure this teaching thing is for me, but it has been interesting and fun. They’re a pretty funny bunch of guys.


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