Fiber Thief!

Well, I got the Deep Sea all spun up and washed last night. I gotta say, I didn’t think I was ever going to get that one done. I felt like I was spinning for days and days. Really it only took me two nights, but it was a LONG two nights. I ended up 2 plying it and it came out to 300 yards of fingering to worsted weight. That seems like a lot of yardage to me for 4 oz. I love it! It’s so lofty and soft, and the black and turquoise play off each other so nicely.

I would have a photo of it to post here but as soon as my mother saw it, she stole it from me! She offered to give me money but since I live there right now and pay no rent, I told her that it would be my rent for the month. I’m pretty nice, huh? 😉 I probably shouldn’t have told her I only paid $0.50 for the wool!

So after getting two 4 oz bumps of wool spun up this week, I think I need to get back to some knitting. I haven’t gotten much done in a while. That freaking Pi Shawl Blanket is going to be the death of me. The rounds are about to double in stitches too, that’s going to hurt!


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  1. David

    I abandoned the pi shawl. It hurt me. But I could *not* keep up with that simple lace pattern at 900 stitches. and when you’s apparent. I ripped back two or three times. I put a lifeline in. nothing worked. I would get to within like three stithces of the end of the round and realize I was two stitches off.
    It’s upstairs in the closet.
    I really wanted to finish that thing too.
    good luck on the pi shawl.

    May 6, 2008 at 8:28 pm

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